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The Unimaginary Friendcast

Sep 25, 2018

As most of the world finds solace through inspirational memes, the hosts analyze Spiritual platitudes, catch phrases, and quotes. As always, a horrible fight ensues and the podcast is shut down, but before that happens, they blow the lid off of the inner workings of the human species.
Other topics include: Deepak...

Sep 17, 2018

Everything Wonderful. The hosts of the Friendcast reveal ALL the Secrets of the Universe, EVERY Mystery Mankind ever pondered, and the Winners of EVERY Superbowl for the next ten years. Just wait. You'll hear it. Don't worry, keep listening. It's coming.

Other topics include: iTunes Reviews, scolding Donald Trump,...

Sep 11, 2018

The Hosts unpack a list of the Top 10 Deadliest Animals on Planet Earth. Get ready to revile at the parade of insects, reptiles, charging beasts, ocean assassins, and the most dangerous creature that ever lived: a creepy, disgusting shocker that catches everyone by surprise.

Other Topics include: Fantasy Football,...

Sep 3, 2018

The Unimaginary Friendcast blows the lid off the Crimes Of The Catholic Church. The Hosts discuss the recent Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report of 300 priests sexually abusing thousands of children. Sorry folks, this is no cake walk.

Other topics include: The History of The Catholic Church, The Crusades, The...