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The Unimaginary Friendcast

Jun 27, 2016

In this episode, we dig into a article, "The most thorough, profound and moving defense of HIllary Clinton I have ever seen." The content was written by Michael Arnovitz on his Facebook page.  Watch our hosts go for the jugular as they try to find amicable ground when it comes to Hillary.  Also!  The POOOOO...

Jun 20, 2016

Recorded just under two days after the shooting in Orlando, this episode will be released a week after it was recorded.  New information may be on the table by the time of this episode's release.  

Topics include:

- Identity Theft

- Orlando

- The Riddle of the Gun

- Gun Regulation vs. the Regulation of Abortion

- How...

Jun 13, 2016

News Journalist, TMZ Host, Audience Warmup Comic!  And Gosh Dangit if this Stacey didn't star in a scene in a freaking Hollywood Movie with Meryl Streep!  Sorry for the spoiler people, but THE MERYL STREEP!! Stacey has done so much and she's just getting started.  You can catch her on and on Twitter and...

Jun 7, 2016

The Chaos of this Elections Season has hit the Unimaginary Friendcast.  Join our hosts as they descend into an aggressive battle of ideas that deserves it's own televised debate. To balance out the Politics, we talk about SEX!  So Listen up and Go Vote in the California Primary Erection on June 7th!

Topics Include: