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The Unimaginary Friendcast

Sep 25, 2018

As most of the world finds solace through inspirational memes, the hosts analyze Spiritual platitudes, catch phrases, and quotes. As always, a horrible fight ensues and the podcast is shut down, but before that happens, they blow the lid off of the inner workings of the human species.
Other topics include: Deepak Chopra, Oprah, Marianne Williamson, The Great Philosophers, L. Ron Hubbard, Sam Harris, Tim Ferris, The L.A. Film Festival, Haunted House, Fall, Shirley Jackson, Crispin Glover, Taissa Farmiga, and We Have Always Lived In The Castle, but NOT anything about mushrooms, Mario Kart, or the esteemed President of the United States, and how some people seem to think that Donald Trump actually won the election.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the most downloaded podcast in the world! The Unimaginary Friendcast!

The Unimaginary Friendcast is hosted by David Monster, Erin Marie Bette Davis Jr. and Nathan Edmondson; and proudly sponsored by
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